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We have streamlined the process of ordering lenses for your glasses.  The process has never been easier!

To get started you need to have a prescription from your Optometrist.  Included in this prescription you will need some very specific information.

Click the link above for a list of the information that you will need in your prescription to order lenses from us

how to order lenses for your glasses from lenses for eyeglasses

Ordering lenses for your glasses has just gotten easier!  All you have to do is

  • Get a prescription from your Optometrist
  • Make sure that your prescription has the EXACT information that we require to order lenses
  • Choose your the style of glasses you will be sending us
  • Enter your prescription
  • Place your order
  • Send us your frames
  • Receive your glasses with the new lenses
  • and ENJOY!

Click the link above for a more detailed explanation of the ordering process and everything that you will need!

the kind of lenses you get from lenses for eyeglasses

All of our lenses come with

  • Hard Coating (Anti-Scratch)
  • Anti-Reflective 
  • Super Hydrophobic Coating (Non-Stick/Less fingerprints)
  • EMI Coating (Electro Magnetic Interference which reduces radiation from computer screens)
  • 100% UV Protection 

All of this is INCLUDED in the price of our lenses.  Click the link above to find out more!


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If you have your prescription from your Optometrist and your prescription contains all of the information that we need to process your order you are now ready to shop for lenses!

To get started just click on the eyeglasses above!

shop for lenses for sunglasses at lenses for glasses

We can also make custom lenses for your sunglasses that contain your prescription

All you need is your prescription from your Optometrist that contains all of the information that we will need in order to make your lenses.  Once you have this information you are ready to start shopping for lenses for your glasses.

Click on the sunglasses above to get started!

Detailed Specification on the lenses on from lenses for eyeglasses

For all of you that need the HARDCORE detailed information on our lenses, we have it for you!

Just click the link above and you will have everything you will need!

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.